Veres Gyula

Founder - Veres Foundry

Gyula Veres got acquainted with the world of metal casting at a very young age, in the 80s. As he put it, he fell in love with the art of casting almost at first sight. He started as a determined young man in his own garage, making hand-cast lead soldiers to order.

His reputation as a precise, motivated young caster spread quickly throughout the industry. Within a short time, he was approached by several large national companies with orders for which he produced sand and coke cast aluminium parts for many years.

The change of regime also created new opportunities in the history of domestic metal casting, and the market for its uptake widened. Foreign orders increased, and in the early 1990s his dream of founding Veres Foundry came true.

The year 1998 was a real turning point in the life of the manager and the foundry. It was then that they were approached by the world-renowned Huwil Ltd. It was then that Gyula Veres organised the complete modernisation of the foundry, the expansion of the site and the switch from manual to mechanical casting. This turning point also shaped the company's final profile, as the foundry specialised in die-casting and continued to develop in this technology.

Thanks to the knowledge, preparation and empathy of the management, the plant survived the global economic crisis. Since then, Gyula Veres' aim has been to maintain traditional values and to continue to modernise dynamically.