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  • The company was founded in 1992 and it is in an excellent location in Maglód, few kilomters from Budapest, the Ferihegy international airport and only 2 kilometers from the Budapest-ring motoway.

    With excellent equipments and reliable subcontractors we extended our activity from tool producing to finished products, including buffing, scew-cutting and surface finishing.

    Nowadays there are 35 employees in our 400 m2 size workshop. During the former decades our suppliers get used to our quallity what is based on our professional team's experience and skills.

    Our machine stock includes hot chamber machines from 20 tons to 200 tons of closing power. Theese machines can be used with 450 mm * 450 mm size tools. The total weight of zinc product what can be produced with this tools is approximately 1500 gram.

    Mainly, we produce furniture, electronic and toy fittings to the domestic market and we export indirectly to our international customers to Germany, Italy and Ireland.

    We are proud of:

    The annual average output is around 1000 tons.
    Our company passed the ISO9001:2001 Quality System Certification in 2004, showing that we are working on high international standard.  
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